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Dr. Ciro Cabal and his exceptional team provide quality orthodontic care for every member of your family. From young children who need interceptive care, to image-conscious teens, to adults who want to maintain a professional appearance, Dr. Cabal offers an orthodontic solution that meets every patient’s unique needs. Using the most modern techniques and appliances, Lake County Orthodontics will align your teeth and bite in the most comfortable and discreet manner possible.

While traditional metal braces are always an option, many patients are good candidates for more cosmetically-appealing orthodontic solutions. Tooth-colored brackets blend in with the teeth so that they are only noticeable up close, which can help both teens and adults maintain their confidence. Invisalign, which consists of clear acrylic aligners that fit over the teeth, is another option for adult and teen patients who want to discreetly improve their smiles.

Orthodontics is not just about creating beautiful smiles. Straight teeth and a perfectly-aligned bite also contribute to better oral health. When teeth are aligned, they are easier to brush and floss thoroughly, which can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, achieving a proper occlusion, or bite, can help alleviate the painful symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, which include chronic headaches and difficulty biting and chewing.

Dr. Cabal and his compassionate staff always go the extra mile to ensure that each patient receives personalized care. We use state-of-the-art orthodontic technology for accurate and efficient diagnosis, and we take the time to answer all of your questions until we are certain you understand your specific orthodontic needs. Dr. Cabal and his team will then meticulously outline your treatment plan, which includes the necessary procedures to correct your problems, estimated treatment time, costs, and payment options.

Learn more about our team, orthodontic services, financing options, emergency care, and advanced technology by exploring our website. We strive to empower you with information so that you can make informed decisions about your orthodontic treatment and feel confident every step of the way.

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Dr. Cabal’s North Fort Worth, TX orthodontic office serves adults, teens, and children from Azle, Saginaw, Springtown, Weatherford, Haslet, Lake Worth, and surrounding cities. Call Lake Country Orthodontics today to reserve your personal consultation, and Dr. Ciro Cabal will provide you with expert advice and an easy-to-understand explanation of treatment options, so you can make wise decisions about your orthodontic care.

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